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From a very young age Susan has been interested in painting. Since majoring in art at college, she has painted in various media including watercolor, charcoal, and oil. Much of her inspiration for painting derives from the majestic mountains and dramatic landscapes and seascapes that abound in Alaska where she has resided since a child.  Many paintings are snippets of the breathtaking beauty she observes while cruising in Resurrection Bay where her cabin rental business and art gallery reside on an island in Humpy Cove.  Additional inspiration derives from the seaport town of Seward where she lives. 

Susan is also a professional portrait painter.  Her portraits range from children, private individuals, state politicians to urban professionals. Susan has been an active donor to various fundraising events to raise money for indigenous causes. She has donated paintings to the Raven’s Ball, the annual Alaska Native Art Auction, and to the Howard Rock & Ted Stevens Smokehouse Gala. Through her art, Susan hopes to promote the interests and uphold the causes of indigenous people of this great state.


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Dorothy Urbach
Doug and Cindy Capra
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Aami in Velvet Parka
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