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Sharry Miller can’t recall a time when creating with her hands hasn’t been a part of her life. The tactile qualities of fiber and cloth led her into weaving, quilting, and basketry, but it’s the magic of glass that has captivated her for nearly 20 years. Her true glass love is fusing. Layering cold, hard pieces of glass and firing them in a red-hot kiln until they are liquid results in art that Sharry knows must be touched with magic. It is particularly satisfying that she can control this magic by choosing combinations of bright colors that reflect her own sense of creativity. As she has experimented with and pushed the limits of fused glass, Sharry has begun incorporating other art forms to create mixed-media experiences. Metal, wood, paint, and other materials are merged with glass to expand Sharry’s creative realm. Play is a driving force in Sharry’s work. As a lifelong Alaska who has enjoyed many long winters, she understands the need for art to bring light and joy into a room. For that reason, she chooses bright colors in fun combinations, rendering even common Alaskan flora and fauna in a palette Nature never imagined. It is her hope that her art conveys to viewers the joy she finds in creating them.


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