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Rebekah lives on the beautiful Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. Where she loves to paint the mountains, flowers and beautiful ocean. In 2019, Rebekah's husband convinced her to share her art with the public. That summer she opened her first booth at her local farmer's market. She soon found that sharing her work with the community was a joy and encouragement to her creative process. Rebekah loves to paint with acrylic and watercolors. Her favorite way to paint is with her pallet knife. She loves the loose flowing look she can acquire while "painting" with a pallet knife. Hiking and driving in the mountains, visiting coastal cities, and picking wildflowers are her favorite ways to gather inspiration. Often her work will reflect places she has visited around the state of Alaska. With her watercolors Rebekah enjoys making fun designs for various products, such as her metal camp mugs. If you travel around Alaska, keep an eye out- you might find her sitting off to the side, painting something special, while sipping tea from her camp mug!

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Screen Shot 2022-07-16 at 00.24_edited.jpg
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