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is the tribal organization of the Native Community of Seward, Alaska. It was created to promote the unity, self-determination, and empowerment of their members and other Native people residing in the Easter Kenai Peninsula. Qutekcak provides services that strengthen their people by increasing opportunities, and enhancing their mental, physical, and spiritual well being, in harmony with their land, and heritage.


MMIW, Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women, is an epidemic across America and Canada. Native American women are murdered and sexually assaulted at rates as high as 10 times the national average. The crimes against these women and children are overwhelmingly committed by individuals outside the Native American community.


Artist Susan Swiderski, uses the symbolic red handprint in her painting to bring awareness to this silent epidemic. 40% of all proceeds are donated to Alaska Native Justice for Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women, #MMIW. 10% goes to Qutekcak Native Tribe. Those contributions go straight to work helping indigenous families in Seward, Alaska; helping families in need and providing educational opportunities for our Alaska native youth. Donations support meaningful activities for QNT Elders.

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If Lady Justice Were Native



Beading is a long standing tradition in the Native Community, passed down between generations. Women teach their children the art of beading from a young age. The beading pictured is done by QNT Elder Leona Gottschalk. Leona learned to bead from her mother when she was just 5 years old. She is a carpenter by trade and beads in her spare time as well as teaches beading and sewing classes at QNT.

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