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Mountain Men of Alaska was created to showcase Alaskan men of all shapes, sizes and interests. You're not always going to see a bearded man in Carharts (but that's not completely out of the question, either). The goal is to display the sensitive and humorous side of these wonderful guys!~Kayce



Kayce hails from a small town in Pennsylvania. She originally came to Alaska to be a horseback guide, but keeping tourists alive with bears and ground hornets got to be a bit too stressful, so she started her own scenic rafting guide service on the Kenai. After her company Kenai Riverdog was born, she had another great idea…to make a calendar showcasing the sensitive side of Alaska men. In 2016 the very first Mountain Men of Alaska calendar came out. Each year since has been a challenge and a joy to make but she plans to continue production of the calendar as long as people continue to show interest. She resides in Seward with her daughter Eva and her legendary dog, Porter.

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