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Dana was born and raised in Colorado where her family taught her to love and respect wildlife at a very young age.  She grew up spending countless weekends camping and enjoying nature. Her Uncle spent most of his life concentrating on preserving the deer, elk, and antelope populations. He led the efforts and success of reestablishing the wild turkey population on the Western Slope of Colorado.  

Moving to Alaska was a dream of Dana’s since she was a teenager. She began her adventure North in 2005. Dana has three amazing children who all share her passion for wildlife (especially moose). Dana founded Moose Mamas in 2014 with three major goals:

1.    To give these precious orphaned calves a second chance at life. 

2.    To help enhance the moose population by relocating the calves to areas of Alaska where the population needs growth and/or reintroducing new genetics. 

3.    To do her part in helping reduce moose/vehicle collisions by relocating calves to remote locations (away from any road systems).

To accomplish these goals, Dana realized she needed help! She began her internship program, having no idea how these young women would change her life! Her and her interns create a bond that will last a lifetime. Dana is a Mama to all her babies, 2-legged and 4-legged! She is so thankful to have this amazing opportunity to make a difference.


OUR MISSION is to protect and preserve one of Alaska's greatest natural resources. We rescue, rehabilitate, and then release orphaned moose calves back into the wild where they belong. 

OUR FACILITY is located near Anchorage, Alaska.  We have a team of expert wildlife veterinarians, biologists, interns, and dedicated volunteers. We typically start rescuing the calves in late May when they are just a few days old.  

OUR GOAL is to return our calves back to the wild. After the calves are at a certain weight and age, we transport them to a remote and safe place. The calves are released with radio collars so that we can track them every month for the first year.

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