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Leah has lived in Alaska since she was a small child. She enjoys hiking the Alaskan mountains. After school she joined the U.S. Coast Guard and that was where her love for the ocean began. She draws her inspiration from the ocean, mountains, glaciers and flowers. Sunflowers are her favorite flower, they are so bright and happy. 

She began her art journey in 2020, she had taken a few paint night classes with friends, but really decided she was going to become an artist in October of 2019 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was mad, confused and scared all at once. Cancer forced her to be stuck at home. She spent time watching videos on acrylic paint pouring and decided why not try, so the journey began.

Currently, she paints in her small backyard studio in Eagle River, Alaska. Her husband helps frame her favorite pieces with hand build barn wood frames. In the near future she hopes to begin teaching classes to show others how much joy can be had creating art and that anyone can be an artist. 

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