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When Bob was just 15 years old his family was renovating their Northern New Jersey home. His parents had hired a skilled German-immigrant carpenter and Bob was immediately drawn to the process of working with wood. Bob quickly began to learn and acquire more skills, and eventually attended trade school and went into building as a profession. In 1977, Bob moved to Alaska and fell in love with the rural Alaskan lifestyle and the incredible wild beauty. Bob likes to put his own spin on practical wood pieces by integrating a variety of woods and materials and design shapes from nature. Fun fact! Bob used to build custom wood dog sleds for mushers!


Bob and his wife now spend most of their summer owning and operating Flint Family Farm in Kenny Lake, Alaska. They recently started offering a You-Pick opinion at the farm and he loves getting to talk to locals and visitors alike. Their daughter lives in Seward, so Bob and Lydia comes to visit regularly, and always drops off new wooden creations to B&H Trading Co.  Bob hopes that both his vegetables and his wooden creations bring joy and smiles to all who come across them.

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