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Alice Roemer was born in New York in the early 1950’s, her dad was a Naval Engineer, so her family moved a lot. She grew up in New Orleans with 5 sisters, she is sissy #3 and lived the life of hand me downs. As soon as she took Home Economics and learned how to sew the creative juices started flowing and she made all her clothes from 8th grade on. By the time she was 25 she was living in Madison, WI, met a boy, fell in love, got married, and moved to Alaska in 1984…. the rest is history. She currently lives in Palmer, AK in a tiny house with Miss Mattie her beautiful German Shepherd dog.


Alice loves colors, colors tell stories, set moods, and make people happy. She began knitting in the early 2000’s, had fun creating patterns for hats, bags, and what she calls her “neck sheep”. Neck sheep comes from a term her former husband called his knitted scarves, so she stole the term and created her own version. Her “neck sheep” pull on and are meant to be worn as part of an outfit, leaving them on when removing your coat. The button(s)’ only purpose is ornamental and not functional. Her Trapper/Boarder hats are all one of a kind; she loves to combine numerous strands of yarn creating a palate of colors for the hat’s design. She uses a variety of wool and wool blend yarns such as cashmere, alpaca, merino, mohair, and organic made right here in Alaska. Alice loves her life and loves creating these unique knitted pieces! She would love if you thought she made something especially for you, because quite possibly she did!

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